Yoga Photography with Denver Yoga Photographer Robert Randall Productions

Yoga Photo Shoot for Tennyson Red. Tennyson Red is Yoga Apparel Company focusing on these beautiful hand made headbands. This shoot took place in Vista, CA where they have these amazing murals all over the town. Take a look at the entire campaign here!

Yoga Photography from our advertising shoot for The Bay Clubs in Los Angeles, CA. We were hired by AMF Media to create a library of images that The Bay Clubs could use for collateral, mailers and on their web site. They gave us the task of photographing five different locations in 3 days. Not an easy task in Los Angeles since it took a couple hours each day just to get from one location to another.

These yoga images are from a shoot we did for Jessica Valant in San Diego, CA. Jessica is a wonderful yoga and pilates coach and personal trainer. Check out her You Tube Page here.